James Hartford, The Vantage Group candidate:
“The Vantage Group was more interested in finding me employment that fit my wants and needs, instead of just throwing me into a job to fill their needs. Through their in-depth evaluation process I discovered underlying skills that I possessed which enabled me to leverage my position during the interviewing process with the employer. Because of my positive experience, I have referred The Vantage Group to several friends and The Vantage Group has successfully sparked their careers also.”


Jennifer Clark, The Vantage Group candidate:
“The Vantage Group has hands-down been the best experience that I have ever had with a recruiting firm. They really took the time to ask the right questions and listen to what I was looking for in a new job – type of company, position, company culture, financial – before presenting any specific opportunities. Other search firms just sent you jobs that they think you’re qualified for without ever really understanding if it’s something that fits your career goals and path. I am expecting my new job to be a long-term move as I really think The Vantage Group help me find a great fit, but if I ever did start looking again, I would certainly go back to The Vantage Group and in the meantime, I’m sending all my friends there!”


Sean Nelson, The Vantage Group candidate:
“The service that I received at The Vantage Group was great! My recruiter was terrific and genuinely cared about finding the right position for me. If I had questions, she was always there without exception. She returned my calls on the weekend or evening without hesitation. At The Vantage Group they looked for a true fit for both the candidate and their client and were willing to accept that maybe this wasn’t a position for you or that it in fact was the perfect position for you. If I were to be in search of another job, The Vantage Group would be the first place I would call.”


Eric Hutton, The Vantage Group candidate:
“I chose The Vantage Group because I trusted them to represent me well to prospective employers. I would choose them again because they matched me perfectly with a company who offered me an exciting position and nearly twice my current salary. I don’t think it gets better than that!”


Stephanie Lanier, The Vantage Group candidate:
“I’ve only had limited experience using any recruiting firms. But The Vantage Group came highly recommended. And after the fast turnaround I received a job offer via their efforts, I now know why. They stayed on top of everything, not once did I have to contact them first for any updates or dialog.”


Jeff Eden, The Vantage Group candidate:
“I have worked with several recruiting firms in the past and found The Vantage Group to be the most attentive, professional and helpful. It is my contention that if The Vantage Group sees potential in a candidate, then they will do everything in the power to help that candidate find the type of job placement that will not only satisfy their immediate needs, but also help them to establish their long term career goals.”


Scott Goldberg, The Vantage Group candidate:
“The Vantage Group’s focus was assisting me in making a smart career move as opposed to just finding another job. I choose to work with The Vantage Group over other firms because they are sincerely interested in helping advance in my career. Their thoroughness helped me find a company that was a perfect fit for my career goals.”